Department of Economics Vision & Mission

The Department of economics Vision is to become a leading centre of economic learning in India and the world. It is committed to provide specialist training, skills and expertise to our students to become leaders of change for furthering the objectives of the social, market and governmental institutions they choose to serve. Its syllabus is innovatively embedded in accumulated knowledge base and emerging fields of study. Along with a rigorous teaching programme, it constantly strives to promote cutting-edge research and scholarship supervised by its eminent faculty. While keeping the global, national and state level focus of its research activities, the department would actively address regional needs by encouraging research on regional development and industrialization, rural entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises, agricultural advancement etc.

The thrust areas of research are Open Economy, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Financial Economics, Micro Economics, Health Economics, Industrial Economics and Development Economics. On the other side, teaching is taken into different dimensions like; teaching Cum-evaluation, Project involvement, Seminars, paper presentations involved by both the faculty and students in this academic year 2017-18. Besides, faculty members have published research papers in reputed journals like Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Quantitative Economics, Indian Journal of Labour Economics and International Journal of Management and Development Studies.

The mission and objectives of the Department of Economics:

  • to encourage free spirit of inquiry among PG and UG students thereby ensuring innovativeness and creative thinking in the economic point of view. 
  • to enlarge the scope of interdisciplinary dialogue via bringing in people of eminence from different streams such as literature, films, media, theatre, painting/art, philosophy, history and politics to deliver talks, conduct workshops and formal/informal discussions
  • to collaborate with institutes/centers of Eco-friendly academic activities with different universities in India and across the world thereby transforming the Vision of AHUU into reality
  • to facilitate learning in free and fearless manner so as to have global edge in the pursuit of knowledge and ideas in highly challenging intellectual environment of today
  • to build strong theoretical base of students/scholars to meet professional challenges in future and also to equip them with life skills to meaningfully connect  with their immediate environs and also contribute at socio and economic-cultural level to effect positive changes
  • to encourage to think, debate and discuss issues related to the present context of economic situations in the global level