About Vision of University

Education through mother tongue as the medium of instruction helps the student in comprehending the subject in depth with ease, and at the same time, it creates a spontaneous flair for exploring it further. The reason is that mother tongue plays a vital role in understanding the world around us in its correct perspective. However, to expand our knowledge in future, we need expertise in English which is now a global language. Mastery over any chosen subject with proficiency in at least two languages other than mother tongue will help the student in developing his knowledge, and better in cognitive abilities in comparison to the mono-lingual nations.

Dr. Abdul Haq Urdu University has developed a vision of bilingual medium of instruction wherein the subjects whether they belong to Humanities, Social Sciences or Sciences will all be explained in easy Urdu by retaining the technical terms and terminologies in English as they are without translating them into Urdu. The theories and the main concepts will also be taught both in Urdu and English simultaneously. This will facilitate the students to gain mastery over any kind of subject with a comfortable level of fluency in English. In this way, the University will help the Urdu students to feel themselves closer to the main stream while the Non-Urdu students will also be benefited equally in full measure. This is high time that we should think of making our young generation simultaneously fluent in three languages- mother tongue, regional language, and the global language, English. Imparting knowledge this way would help a student gain easy mastery in communication and at the same time will help him in developing his mastery by his extended reading on the subject.