About Logo of University, Kurnool

The emphasis with our emblem is laid on the importance of promoting three languages. Mother tongue, the regional language and an International language. The Tricolour across in a circle represents our motherland India, while the golden sunflower reflects the culture of our state Andhra-Pradesh. The green half-cog represents the importance of science, while the book promotes a love for learning and honest research, the letter in orange indicates our abbreviation AHUU. The motto of our University is simple and lays onus on these three words. Mohabbath (Love) the love for your country, your parents, your field, your subject and a genuine love for peace and brotherhood Mehannath (Struggle) the systematic struggle you will have to endure to reach your goals and making your dreams come true and Khidmath (Service) and once after you have achieved your goals, giving back to the society with sincere service. Love, Struggle, Service.