Department ofUrdu


  • Preservation and promotion of Human and aesthetic values amidst Consumerism and Materialism through Urdu Culture, Language &, Literature.


  • To spread awareness about the syncretic and synergetic genius and importance of Urdu culture, language & literature.
  • To develop the literary taste & sense and significance of language and culture.
  • To create the love & respect for values especially human values.
  • To ignite the sense of elegance, dignity, magnanimity & delicacy.
  • To ignite the passion for learning, teaching and employability based on human utility.
  • To protect and promote the creativity and originality.
  • To promote the scholastic & research aptitude.
  • To promote communicative skills among the students to become successful in the market and society.

Thrust Areas:

  • Study of modern culture, language and literature laced with overall classical background.
  • Deccani culture, language and literature
  • Codiocology based higher research
  • Oriental poetics
  • Modern theories of criticism
  • Linguistics
  • Translation
  • Hindustani Cinema
  • Urdu & Fine Arts