Department of Commerce

Vision of the Department: (Where do we want to see ourselves in the future?)
Be among the top 10 most admired universities in India known for its excellence in teaching, research, and learning in commerce and management education in next 10 years and produce ethical young leaders who contribute to the Intellectual, social and economic development of India.

Mission of the Department: (How do we achieve our vision?)

  • Through Bilingual Teaching (Teaching in both Urdu + English Media) i.e. by teaching the curriculum in their mother tongue i.e. Urdu (so that the students understand the concepts well), keeping the terminology of subject in English (So that the student compete and succeed in the competitive world).
  • By recruiting the experts who are not only good at academics but also in the field of research and industry.
  • By including the subjects in the curriculum that are taught in advanced countries i.e. advanced software packages, thus provide employment in India and abroad with good remuneration.
  • By including relevant accounting, economic, statistical packages which provide the students the up to date knowledge on the subject.
  • By focusing on core courses, department tries to introduce new courses as per the demands of Indian industry by continuous interaction with the industrialists and educationalists.
  • Through personality development classes, the students are casted as per the ethical needs of the each of the stakeholder in the society.
  • By including spoken English courses in the curriculum, the students are made effective in articulating themselves in English and perform well in the interviews and excel in their respective posts.
  • Students and their progress is our first priority in all the matters as long as it does not violates societal welfare.
  • By listening i.e. feedback, suggestions and comments etc. are actively sought from our students, their parents and other stakeholders in serving the society in a better way.