Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry was established in 2018 by Government of Andhra Pradesh, is a center of excellence dedicated to teaching and research in Chemistry. It is the flagship program of the Dr. Abdul Haq University. The BS-MS programme is for a duration of five years, intended for bright and motivated science students who have passed (10+2) level. The program integrates classroom learning with research and provides ample scope for multidisciplinary interactions.

The BS-MS dual degree programme is an undergraduate program designed to impart a thorough fundamental knowledge in all fields of chemistry. The course layout is demanding and is constantly upgraded to incorporate current advances in chemistry. During the first two years, all students are introduced to basic chemical concepts via lecture and laboratory courses. Students who decide to major in chemistry undergo a thorough training in advanced concepts of chemistry for the next three years. During their final year students participate in research activities of the group of their choice and undertake a project introducing them to the meticulousness of chemistry research.

The main focus of the department’s undergraduate program is to instill the necessary spark and provide the scientific impetus for students to pursue a career in chemistry. The Department of Chemistry has appreciable strength in the core areas of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry as well as in interdisciplinary research areas at the boundaries with physics, biology, earth science and materials science.