The launching of five year Integrated MSc programme in Zoology. In all there are 10 semesters. The syllabus has been framed as per the UGC and APSCHE guidelines under CBCS scheme keeping in view the market orientation as well as the national standards. In the syllabus there are core courses, generic elective courses and ability enhancement courses. Integrated M.Sc in Zoology imbibes and inculcates the students with basic fundamentals of applied courses related to the subject such as Aquaculture, Apiculture, Sericulture and Vermiculture. It also offers pivotal areas such as Molecular Biology, Immunology, Environmental Biology, Animal Biotechnology, Neurobiology, Genetic engineering and Cancer Biology. It also facilitates a basic and comprehensive approach towards developing skills in disciplines alike Fish keeping, Medical diagnostic, Food nutrition and health, Insect vectors and disease,Vaccinology and Animal cell culture research methodology.