Department of Social Work


Department of Social Work, in pursuit of the vision and mission of the university, offers academic programs to equip students with proficiency in interdisciplinary knowledge systems of social, economic, behavioural, environmental, law, human rights, gender, political and technology in order to promote social development.

The Department is committed to craft enabling environment for the students to undertake initiatives to empower and develop strengths and resilience in the individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.


The evidence-based, action and intervention oriented practices are established through - teaching-learning process, field-based learning and internships that guide the students to act as social change agents and social justice.

The comprehensive understanding of macro system knowledge framework, along with the understanding of contextual and ground-realities, the integration of which enable the students to effectively initiate change and development at the micro level.

The unique features of the Department are participatory and sustainable development practices, capacity building trainings for students, macro-micro research initiatives, transfer of technology, social innovation and social entrepreneurship, which are rightly integrated to generate a cadre of competent social workers.

The curriculum of MSW course bring strong and effective integration in teaching, training, learning, practice, research, publication and dissemination components of social work education. The courses are so designed to provide intensive learning opportunities to the students, undertake study tour and international internships in SAARC countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Pakistan and also other countries like China. The global social work and transnational social work framework empower the students to think globally and act locally. The Department offers specializations so as to craft specialists and professional leaders in the fields of each specialization.